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The digital innovation of Nordic walking

Here is finally available the jewel of the Gabel house.

Weight: XTL 206g 110-135cm (7.27oz / 42 "-44) | XTS 196g 95-120cm (6.91oz / 38" -48 ")

Diameter: 18/16 mm

Material: Snake Carbon 100

Handle: Dual Cork 01/87

Strap: NCS Comfort 02/87

Tip + Tip: Aero + Active 05/44 + 08/5

Walking pad: Walking pad XXL 05/27

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Click here to download the user manual

A revolutionary product for digital monitoring of Nordic Walking, Trail Running and assisted walking.

Become one of the first users of e-poles and help us develop future applications with your feedback. "E-poles" is a revolutionary way to evaluate the physical activity of the upper body. Nordic Walking, if done correctly, is the most effective way to reach virtuous goals in the protection of health. "E-poles" improves the efficiency of teaching, reaching the psycho-motor goals in less time and allowing to obtain the maximum benefits derived from Nordic walking.

Click here to download the user manual "e-poles" is an integrated electronic / digital platform, able to acquire and manage a series of dynamic and inertial parameters that can be detected during motor activity, especially in the Nordic Walking discipline. . Through the dedicated App, "e-poles", it calculates, stores and displays precise dynamic and performance information of the psycho / motor activity performed. The hardware of the "e-poles" system is composed of digital sensors capable of measuring precisely the characteristics of the movement.

The app is able to detect temporal and technical parameters for the right and left pole independently:

- Cycle duration

- Duration of the complete cycle

- Duration of contact of the stick with the ground

- Contact time / cycle time

- Recording time

- Full duration of registration of "e-poles"

- Duration of Nordic Walking activity

- Performed Nordic Walking cycles

- Hand openings and closings

- Cycles per minute

- Frequency of cycles

- Average angle during contact of the pole with the ground in all Nordic Walking activities

- Temporal alternation between left and right stick

- Regularity taken / cycle

- LH / RH contact symmetry

- Left / right corner symmetry

- Recognition index of the correct Nordic walking style

Click here to download the user manual.

Payment up to 12 installments will also be available through an affiliated financial company.

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